Give Me Back My Action&Horror Movies

While there are new movies that are fun and enjoyable, they just don‘t have the same impact as the Action and Horror Movies we remember as kids/teenagers.

So I figured, we were not alone in our nostalgia and created a podcast to entertain people who feel the same as us.

We will talk about what made certain movies so memorable.
We will talk about a movie so cheesy but still makes us smile.
We will share a memory of watching a movie for the first time.

Dog Soldiers - GMBMHM

July 26th, 2022

You demanded it and we made it happen...Bring Back the Werewolves!!!! Ok...maybe we just decided it was time for another one and Charlie spun the Big Wheel O' Wolves and it landed on this weeks feature "Dog Soldiers" but either way everyone will be in for a good time (well most everyone). Listen along as Nate and Charlie tear into the meat of this movie and really get at the marrow of this Independant film by Neil Marshall from 2002. We invited Pete but I'm pretty sure as soon as he heard Werewolf (go listen to our Full Eclipse episode) his schedule was magically full...weird. Also we have to warn you, someone on the show didn't have  great time watching this'll have to click play to find out who tho...... 

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